More Roller Grrls

So… my new concept is to basically take the hulky men that Jack Kirby used to draw (especially Thor – ’cause he’s already wearing a helmet!) and turn them into Roller Derby Grrrrrrrls…. and, so:

11 responses to “More Roller Grrls

  1. They are really good. I really like the Kirby style, works really well and you have such a good grasp of his technique. Awesome.

  2. If you like Kirbyesque stuff, you have to check out the work of Tom Scioli. He’s got an amazingly batshit webcomic called American Barbarian, and his comic Gødland is a love letter to the utterly insane Kirby cosmic stuff which always blows my mind.

    He’s absolutely mastered the stylized anatomy, heavy inking, and weird gadgetry that made Kirby so visually distinctive.

  3. i love it. i especially love the fishnets – more fishnets plz!
    you’re a talented man, you are.

  4. hhahah, cool. Yer the fishnets are amusing, and i love the expression on that person also.

  5. lols at the Thor asssociation with Derby girls.

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