It's so disgusting, seriouslyI ended up taking twice as much (so I’d only have to have it once a day, instead of twice) and made myself sick – serious nausea and sweating. So, now I’m a little scared to take it.


5 responses to “Potion

  1. Take care. It’s common for people to think that herbal remedies are safe because they’re more natural than modern medicines. It’s just as possible for the stuff in herbal remedies to interact with other medication and cause serious side effects, or for you to just be allergic to something in it.

    If anything it’s more likely for that to happen as typically a herbal remedy will contain a greater variety of chemicals than a pharmaceutical-produced medicine. Taking an aspirin you know the only active ingredient is acetylsalicylic acid, whereas chewing the tree bark that aspirin originated from can contain plenty of other things. Those other things in the bark might turn out to help you, but the point is that they’re uncontrolled variables.

    My apologises if I start up an internet argument about alternative medicines. Take care of yourself!

  2. What’s in it?

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