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Pakeha Boy

Just some conversations I’ve been having with myself over the Masters…

*Pakeha is a Maori word for white/european people

Sneak Peek: Queer 101

So in order to prove that I’m actually doing my masters – I thought I’d show you a info comic that’s going at the start of the book. The idea of it is that it’s a super simple queer 101, it’s only a draft at this stage, and it’s pretty flawed still but here it is anyway:
Also! My friend works for Amnesty International – and they’re having a wicked fundraiser, if any Auckland artist folks want to be involved:

Amnesty International Fundraising Event:

We are organising a live street art day followed by an auction to celebrate our 50th Birthday.

We have titled the event “The Art of Freedom – taking it to the streets” and it stems from the idea that change starts from ordinary people speaking out from the streets in protest of human rights violations around the world. We are hoping to use the connection between Amnesty’s action against injustices and the questioning nature of street art to spread awareness of Amnesty International while celebrating our 50th year of defending human rights. We have also done a lot of campaigning on behalf of artists who have been unfairly punished for using their freedom of expression and would like the event to highlight the importance of this right in creating change for the better.

The event itself will be split into two days. The first will be live street art painting, were artists from Disruptiv and Cracked Ink will create works in St Kevin’s Arcade to raise awareness for Amnesty and generate interest for the exhibition. This will take place on Thursday June the 9th between 11am and 2pm. The second event is the exhibition that will include the works from the live painting as well as pieces from artists around New Zealand. Already we have several works that have been donated, including ones from ATom 1746, James R Ford and Seekayem. Oi You!, the national street art competition are on board, helping us with promotion and sending us prints to add to the collection.

If you would be willing to help by donating a piece, participating in the live painting or simply suggesting the idea to other artists who might be interested we would appreciate it greatly.

For more info email Rachel at:

events(DOT)intern (AT) amnesty (DOT) org (DOT) nz

Trying to Find a Silver Lining

I’m not really sure what to really do in this situation, so I’m trying to reframe it in my mind. So the butterfly shirt will now become my motivation:

Maintaining The Balance

For Larry

I man I knew in Dunedin died this week. An older guy from the queer community. I feel like I had an affinity for him. He was an older, bigger, warm artist guy, who was socially awkward and had depression. Someone I hoped I could be like when I grew up.  I feel really sad, so I made him a comic.


I’ve been practicing for the next story in my Masters project:

Plus I made a little promo image for Rooster Tails:

PLUS! The Dunedin Comic Collective has another issue out, here is some outrageous self promotion:


So, apologies for the missed comic – I didn’t get my crap together in time for Easter and Joe’s arrival (10 whooole days!!). In the mean time, my new flatmate up here gave me good motivation for finding a job: