For Larry

I man I knew in Dunedin died this week. An older guy from the queer community. I feel like I had an affinity for him. He was an older, bigger, warm artist guy, who was socially awkward and had depression. Someone I hoped I could be like when I grew up.  I feel really sad, so I made him a comic.

8 responses to “For Larry

  1. That’s a beautiful comic you’ve done there. Really moving.

  2. Agreed, beautiful. I seriously started to get teary eyed, man. Its good to have a way to get those feelings out. ❤

  3. What an incredible tribute to a friend. You can feel the sadness and love.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. Wow. I’m just so taken aback by that happening. But what a gentle and moving way to receive the news.

    I feel sad.

    • Me too, his funeral was this afternoon – could we have an Auckland memorial when you get back? since I don’t know who else up here knew him 😦 Even if it’s just a sad, quiet cup of coffee

  5. I think a cup of tea in a dark candlelit room with piano music playing in the background would be nice. That’s my fondest memory of him, unless you have any other ideas?

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