Monthly Archives: June 2011

We’re Moving!

Hey folks, I’m heading off this website to a different one – where the comics are bigger! The new comic is up on the brand spanking new website now:

I’m becoming a media mogul

Last week I had an awesome time catching up with some old Dunedin friends who have been road-tripping around the country with the Regeneration organisation. They are basically travelling around New Zealand talking to awesome people, making connections, and looking at some awesome social and environmental initiatives that are happening.

Plus they’re filming a bunch of rad people from the different regions, and they decided to film me. So yeh, I chatted about writing queer and trans comics, and what it means to me. It was really awesome, and I felt quite honoured to be a part of it all.

Here’s the vid:

Plus! I’m also going to be having a table at the Auckland Zine Fest in July and I’m keen to have heaps of queer and trans zines available for people to buy/peruse. If anyone wants to make some, then send it to me, I’d be happy to sell it for ya. Just flick me an email: s orchard (AT) ymail (dot) com (and yep, it’s a Y not a G).

Post Hui

So, I scanned in last week’s comic and it has magically disappeared off my computer. So this one doesn’t make as much sense as it should. I spent the last week helping to plan a hui – a national queer youth hui where we got about 200 young people from across New Zealand to come together for three days. It was madness, in the best and worst ways. As a recovery treat I decided to come down to Dunedin to help Joe finish off his move to Auckland ( yes folks, that’s right – Joe and I are soon to be reunited!