Awesome People!

Stop Paying Attention: The totally amazing comic and musical stylings of Lucy Knisley. Lucy is an illustrator, comic artist and author. She recently published the absolutely delightful French Milk graphic novel, a comic journal about her two months living in France with her mum. She once did a whole series of drawings on her favourite X-files characters. She is super-freaking amazing.

Khaos Komix: I’m not sure how to describe this comic, other than it is awesomely wonderfully wicked. Written by a person who’s made of awesomeness, it describes the lives and loves of a group of teens (btw it’s super gay and trans – Woooo!). I stumbled onto this website a few years ago and got totally addicted. It’s rad.

Erika Moen: I am in love with Erika. I’ve been stalking her online for years, because I am super creepy. But I’m ok with that. She recently finished her six year long journal comic strip DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary and will certainly be doing other amazingly wickedly fantastic stuff, so you should stalk her too!

Dylan Meconis: Dylan is an incredible illustrator and comic artist. Her first webcomic, which has recently been published (buy it!), Bite Me! is an (a??) hilarious vampire farce set in the French Revolution. She is now authoring the exceptionally beautiful Family Man webcomic – it has werewolves, read it!

Unicorns For Socialism: A blog by Alexandra E. Franzen – journalist and writer extraordinaire. Her wit and queer savoir faire are unparalleled. I’m trying to make myself sound smart, because I want to impress her as much as she impresses me (I am goddamn charming!). In short this blog,  and Ms. Franzen, are hilarious and magnificent.

Cristy C. Road: An incredible queer writer, illustrator, zine-ster, activist. Guh, she rips my heart out, she’s fucking awesome.

Riot Nrrd: RJ Edward’s incredibly nerdy and hilarious comic about a group of queer students moving to college, and rebelling against the heterosexist, ableist, sexist, rascist, and classist systems of power. Plus lots Joss Whedon puppy!!

The Princess: This is a sweet comic told from the perspective of a young trans girl called Sarah, negotiating her identity with her friends and family. Very touching, and Christine Smith is a wonderful writer and artist.

Tooned In: This now defunct blog was a really interesting read and super inspiring when I was doing political-type comics for my uni magazine a few years ago. Mike Moreu is a New Zealand artist who wrote editorial comics for the Dominion Post and this blog explores the process of creating them. It’s super interesting, and really worth reading if you’re into this sort of thing.

3 responses to “Awesome People!

  1. weird how many of my heroes are up there. (christy c. road ~<3)
    i love your work, keep it up. ^^

  2. I’m really enjoying wandering through these, thanks for the recommendations!

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