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Oh dear! Will Dance for Money!!

So…. I’m moving to Auckland this weekend. And I checked my bank balance this morning and almost cried. Times might be kinda tough for the next few weeks before course starts so I thought I might do a little fundraising drive.

If you’ve enjoyed reading Rooster Tails and wanna donate, I’d really, really, reaaaaalllly appreciate it.

I am keen to do incentives for people who are interested….

$5 or more gets you a handmade thankyou card from me!

$10+ gets you a thankyou card + a 8×10 signed print of your favourite Rooster Tails Strip

$30 + gets you the thankyou card + print of your favourite strip + a one-of-a-kind sketch by yours truly.

Of course you can always send me a message (via facebook, or leave a comment and I’ll give you my email address) to arrange a commission if you have an image in mind that you’d like me to do for you. We can arrange prices and whatnot via emails.


I’ve been lucky enough to have had some of my comics accepted into a new zine called DUDE! (Even being lucky enough to provide the cover image). The zine is all about providing a resource for negotiating trans male relationships.

In it I’ve got some comics (including the one below) about questions trans guys have been asked… that aren’t necessarily happy for us to answer…. and some alternatives to maybe use.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia on the 18th of Feb you should totally check out the launch party: details 🙂

I made a poster!

I made a poster!

Next month is the Asia Pacific Outgames in Wellington, and alongside the games they’re having a Human Rights Conference. They’ve got speakers from around the globe to share their experiences and knowledge, and it looks full to the brim with awesome stuff.

I’m gonna be involved in two presentations – one on the importance of queer storytelling, and another on trans/queer support in New Zealand.

Also! If that’s not enough we’re gonna  get together trans/intersex, friends and family together the day before the conference so there’s a space to meet and talk about all the amazing regional work that people are doing, and building on ideas to strengthen and support one another. Details here!


Because Jedi’s are Cool

This is a nothing post…

…but I felt compelled to point out that I’m really quite proud of my own submission to Joe’s and my Trans Post Statement Project

PS. I’m updating the gallery section right now too…


So I’ve been working on drawing naked men for a trans-male zine called DUDE. So y’all should know that turning off the “safe search” on yahoo image search and searching for jock straps is not a good idea. Unless you really enjoy penises squished into mesh jockstraps. I’m just sayin’

My comics are gonna be featured in it, plus the cover is a picture by me, so you should totally get it when it comes out.

PLUS: They’re still after submissions, so clicky click if you want more info or wanna get involved.

Trans Post Statement Project!

Joe and I have launched a community art project on Tumblr! The idea for this originally stemmed from Joe’s thesis and was just transmasculine in New Zealand based – but we decided to expand it out to have ANY one who has ANY statement on how they feel about their gender; transwomen, transmen, genderqueers, drag performers, cis, etc. etc.

We felt like while Joe has to limit his thesis (based on time constraints and word limits) we didn’t have to limit this particular project in the same way.

We’re basically keen to show off your stuff!  Postcards can be any size/shape/format -it’d be great if they had a visual element to it, but if you don’t wanna that’s cool too – it’s just any statement you wanna share that describes or relates to your gender/sex/identity/etc. It can be anything about being a gendered/non-gendered human in the world.

So, currently, there are no set limits for the submissions, (provided they are not sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic) I think we’re just keen to see what art is produced.

One note tho, if you’re transmasculine/GQ and from NZ, could you leave us a little note so Joe knows if he can contact you about using the art in his thesis…

Again, the link:

F2M: The Boy Within

I keep forgetting to put up my post about Ryan Scott Kennedy’s F2M: The Boy Within. Ryan’s an FTM Australian/Kiwi fella (like me!) who cowrote the book with Hazel Edwards. It’s the story of punk rock dude discovering himself and negotiating transitioning with family, friends and the medical system. It’s so exciting to have a book aimed at young adults (and accessible across many ages) that tells one of our communities stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was funny, sweet, real, and allowed for multiple perspectives. I really enjoyed how the book allowed for characters in the book to take a while to adjust to Finn’s transition without being demonized, and I think this book would be a really helpful resource to give to people supporting trans friends and whanau… in fact, I think I’m gonna buy it for my mum to read 🙂

Post-Apocalyptic Mice

These are the post-apocalyptic butch mice that didn’t make it into this post

Gender Outlaws

I got my copy of Gender Outlaws in the mail a week or so ago. It has a small comic in it by me! I feel pretty darn proud and privileged to be a part of such an awesome book, with so many amazing people in it 🙂

I’m gonna write up a review (which will be totally biased) about it, but in the mean time I will direct you to RJ’s comic review, which is totally awesome: