Links to helpful sites:

Trans Post Statements: This is the Tumblr that Joe and I set up as a space for people to send in their thoughts/ideas/statements about what gender means to them.

PFLAG South: Dunedin local queer support for families and friends of LGBTI/Queer/unlabeled people. We also have an awesome youth group called Same-Difference.

Curious: Curious is a national queer youth web resource, developed between the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and Rainbow Youth. This site is an awesome resource for young people, and aims to to enhance connectedness and to promote diversity in their communities.

Human Rights Commission: For info about Human Rights within Aotearoa/New Zealand – includes sections on trans issues and same-sex attracted folks.

Rainbow Youth: Amazing queer youth support for people in Auckland, and nationally.

NZ Transguys: New Zealand transguys forum.

Agender New Zealand: Support for the transgender community within Aotearoa/New Zealand.

GLSEN: A really great American site, providing tools for creating queer (mostly gay and lesbian) positive environments.

3 responses to “Links

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  2. Nice comic with deep thoughts and topics!
    I wanted to subscribe using RSS feed but guess that doesn’t work
    I’m still new to tumblr and wordpress blogging style *sigh*

    Will be visiting your blog every now and then. Keep up the good work =)

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