For Larry

I man I knew in Dunedin died this week. An older guy from the queer community. I feel like I had an affinity for him. He was an older, bigger, warm artist guy, who was socially awkward and had depression. Someone I hoped I could be like when I grew up.  I feel really sad, so I made him a comic.



I’ve been practicing for the next story in my Masters project:

Plus I made a little promo image for Rooster Tails:

PLUS! The Dunedin Comic Collective has another issue out, here is some outrageous self promotion:


So, apologies for the missed comic – I didn’t get my crap together in time for Easter and Joe’s arrival (10 whooole days!!). In the mean time, my new flatmate up here gave me good motivation for finding a job:


It's so disgusting, seriouslyI ended up taking twice as much (so I’d only have to have it once a day, instead of twice) and made myself sick – serious nausea and sweating. So, now I’m a little scared to take it.

Visiting Dunedin

I cant think of anything witty here

So much awesomeness

So there’s a couple of really awesome things coming up!

First off! I’m speaking next Tuesday night at the Genderbridge meeting about trans webcomics. Basically I’m gonna be chatting to people about why webcomics are awesome, how I got started and what making comics means to me, and what other webcomics are out there for and by trans people. So, yeh, if you’re in Auckland come along! Deets are as above, or you can visit the facebook page.

Also, I wrote a comic for Funtime Comics’ Darkest Day Earthquake Relief Comic – and you can now buy it online off the website or click here for a list of other places to get it. All proceeds go to the NZ Red Cross, towards the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

And finally, DUD: Volume 2 is going to be launched in Dunedin at the start of May. More details to come soon! YAY!

More Roller Grrls

So… my new concept is to basically take the hulky men that Jack Kirby used to draw (especially Thor – ’cause he’s already wearing a helmet!) and turn them into Roller Derby Grrrrrrrls…. and, so: