White Legs

Please note - my legs are also hairy, I'm just too lazy to draw that.

Sorry all, that last panel had been bugging me, I had to fix it.

Socially Awkward

Sorry it’s so late.


Earthquake Relief Comic

So the awesome folks at Funtime Comics, a Christchurch Comic Collective, will be releasing a special Earthquake Relief issue, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

They’re looking for both  New Zealand and international artists to write a comic for this special issue, which will be available for the Wellington Armageddon convention.

I’ve been feeling pretty stink about what’s been happening over there, so it’s nice to feel like I can contribute somewhat. I popped in a 2-pager this morning.

So if you’re keen to put in a submission and want more details then click here.

Feeling Worried

I wrote this a week or so ago – it seems a bit of a silly thing to be worried about considering all the stuff happening in Christchurch at the moment.


Watching the news is pretty traumatising at the moment. I don’t really have words, so I drew a picture.

Getting T

So, this happened the week before I left Dunedin, but as I miss Joe so much I’m still pretending I’m living in the same place as him.

But those vials are seriously difficult!!

100,000 Views: Woah!

So this week I managed to cross over the 100,000 view mark! I’m sure it’s mostly me clicking around my own site, but it still is extremely awesome!

So – in celebration I’m popping up my poster version of the Gender Challenging Binary Identity as featured here!

Aaaand I’m still doing my fundraising drive, so if you want a print of this here image above, or other images or strips (including things in the gallery, or my wonderful Wolverine!) donate $10 or more and I’ll send it your way 😀

Goodbye Dunedin, Hello Auckland

I left for Auckland yesterday afternoon and am now waking up as an ‘Aucklander’. Exciting.

Also Scary.

Also. I’m doing a fundraising drive


Oh dear! Will Dance for Money!!

So…. I’m moving to Auckland this weekend. And I checked my bank balance this morning and almost cried. Times might be kinda tough for the next few weeks before course starts so I thought I might do a little fundraising drive.

If you’ve enjoyed reading Rooster Tails and wanna donate, I’d really, really, reaaaaalllly appreciate it.

I am keen to do incentives for people who are interested….

$5 or more gets you a handmade thankyou card from me!

$10+ gets you a thankyou card + a 8×10 signed print of your favourite Rooster Tails Strip

$30 + gets you the thankyou card + print of your favourite strip + a one-of-a-kind sketch by yours truly.

Of course you can always send me a message (via facebook, or leave a comment and I’ll give you my email address) to arrange a commission if you have an image in mind that you’d like me to do for you. We can arrange prices and whatnot via emails.


I’ve been lucky enough to have had some of my comics accepted into a new zine called DUDE! (Even being lucky enough to provide the cover image). The zine is all about providing a resource for negotiating trans male relationships.

In it I’ve got some comics (including the one below) about questions trans guys have been asked… that aren’t necessarily happy for us to answer…. and some alternatives to maybe use.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia on the 18th of Feb you should totally check out the launch party: details 🙂