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Pakeha Boy

Just some conversations I’ve been having with myself over the Masters…

*Pakeha is a Maori word for white/european people

Last Week I had a Bad Day

Sometimes my dramaqueen-ness/emotionality is pretty hilarious. I’m feeling much better now.

Goodbye Dunedin, Hello Auckland

I left for Auckland yesterday afternoon and am now waking up as an ‘Aucklander’. Exciting.

Also Scary.

Also. I’m doing a fundraising drive


Queens Honours

It’s New Years Day here already! Oh, and I totally spelt “honour” the kiwi way (just in case you think it’s an ongoing spelling mistake).

Edit: Ha! I totally just realised that I’ve been doing this for a whole year now, WOAH! I thought I’d last until February last year, well done me, I guess I should keep going then.

I’m not hairy enough to be a bear… yet

I guess I just feel frustrated that our communities express themselves using the medical system’s benchmarks.

Of Mice and Men

We went to a meeting last week where a scientist talked about his research of chromosomes, and how he has an interesting theory about trans people. Biological determinism kinda freaks me out in general, but at one stage he told Joe and I a story that he thought we might like…

Sweaty Eyeballs

Scott Pilgrim…

I really do complain a lot.

Would You?


‘Cos sometimes it’s good to say to out loud…

PS: Joe totally came up with the phrase: WEAPON OF MASS DECONSTRUCTION. This proves my boyfriend is the most awesome.