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Earthquake Relief Comic

So the awesome folks at Funtime Comics, a Christchurch Comic Collective, will be releasing a special Earthquake Relief issue, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

They’re looking for both  New Zealand and international artists to write a comic for this special issue, which will be available for the Wellington Armageddon convention.

I’ve been feeling pretty stink about what’s been happening over there, so it’s nice to feel like I can contribute somewhat. I popped in a 2-pager this morning.

So if you’re keen to put in a submission and want more details then click here.

Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

So a few of you might remember that I had the honour of having a comic of mine be published in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. Well, in the spirit of RJ’s Riot Nrrrd, I’ve done my own comic review of it:

Also, speaking of RJ, they’re being interviewed by Bitch as part of the blog’s series ‘Beyond The Panel’ interviewing webcomic artists! I’ve been asked to do an interview to, so keep an eye out for that in the future as well 🙂

F2M: The Boy Within

I keep forgetting to put up my post about Ryan Scott Kennedy’s F2M: The Boy Within. Ryan’s an FTM Australian/Kiwi fella (like me!) who cowrote the book with Hazel Edwards. It’s the story of punk rock dude discovering himself and negotiating transitioning with family, friends and the medical system. It’s so exciting to have a book aimed at young adults (and accessible across many ages) that tells one of our communities stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was funny, sweet, real, and allowed for multiple perspectives. I really enjoyed how the book allowed for characters in the book to take a while to adjust to Finn’s transition without being demonized, and I think this book would be a really helpful resource to give to people supporting trans friends and whanau… in fact, I think I’m gonna buy it for my mum to read 🙂


Last week, on holiday, I was walking on K rd looking in op shops and spending way too much money, when I cam across a poster. The poster had fallen on the ground, so it caught my eye; the image seemed instantly familiar so I picked it up to have a better look:

Book Launch and Exhibition: Hicksville

Now I’m not up north very often, book launches here for graphic novels happen less often, and book launches for New Zealand graphic novels happen even less often. I almost peed my pants when I realised I’d still be in town for it.

Of course I went and mostly stood in the corner feeling nervous and overwhelmed. Joe quite happily wandered around picking up books and looking at the panels of Hickville for sale on the wall. But, it was awesome.

The launch was held at The High Seas gallery, an awesome space on Beresford st. and had a nice little collection of graphic novels, comic books and zines. *Swoon*

I picked up a nice stash; the NZ edition of Hicksville (wonderfully signed by Dylan Horrocks), Hunter and Painter by Tom Gauld, and Jessica’s Rival (an issue of Jessica of the Schoolyard by the Comic Book Factory – I seriously heart these guys).

Super yay.

Little Women

I love the idea of reinterpreting media. Whether it’s books, tv, music or films there’s so little representations of us, especially positive representations, that it becomes so important to find ourselves using inventive ways.