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White Legs

Please note - my legs are also hairy, I'm just too lazy to draw that.

Sorry all, that last panel had been bugging me, I had to fix it.


Moving To Auckland

So at the end of last year I applied for a Master of Creative Writing course at the Auckland Uni of Technology. I mostly applied because I heard that Dylan Horrocks was going to be one of the supervisors, but also because it looked wicked.

Anyway, I submitted a proposal and got accepted to the course! So in a couple of weeks time I’ll be moving up there. So, if my comics get a bit sporadic over the next little while, and if you notice lots of comics about how much I miss Joe (he’s staying here until he finishes his masters – *sadface*), then this is probably the reason why.

Below, my comic proposal! Coming to a masters programme soon:



So my friend Jamie handed in his Masters thesis last week, and this highlights one of the many reasons why I love him:


So…. finally an update! Sorry it took so long, but it’s long to make up for the lateness:


Family Portrait

It was Joe’s birthday recently, and he asked me to draw him a ‘family’ picture of me, him and bobs. So I got some images of the Original Plumbing boys, Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos:

(The photos are by Lydia Daniller, and featured in this article)

And made my own version:

My Butt

Any excuse to talk about Gene Kelly is a happy one.

I’m away for the next two weeks, visiting my parentals in the states. So there’ll be no updates sadly. But, rest assured I’ll be back to it in late August.

Posters and Pegasus’

Here’s a couple of things I’ve been doing lately…

Firstly – a quiz night poster:

If anyone’s in Dunedin on June 18th they should totally put together a team and come down. Because Port Chalmers quiz nights are rad and Volunteer Otago is even radder.

Second thing:

A friend of mine recently had a birthday and as I have no money I said I’d make her a picture. Well, she asked for a picture of her dog riding a pegasus unicorn over a rainbow above the view from Port Chalmers. Hence, the above. I have discovered that my friends are odd, but awesome.