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Hair Self Care

Sorry it’s a little late folks…

Mustache or Moustache…?

I’ve been watching lots of transman vlogs on Youtube lately, it’s really interesting what testosterone-induced changes people are excited about – or not excited about. Voice breaking, facial hair, body hair, muscles, flatter chest, etc. etc.

And, yep, facial hair is definitely what I’m most keen for.

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I usually have a blurb that I write in my head as I draw comics – to go alongside the strip to elaborate on what I’m trying to say. Usually, by the time I’m done with the strip, however, I’ve said it to myself so many times that I feel less motivated to write it down. Oh well.

I really like this video, I watched it about a month or so ago, and it has felt like it stuck in my mind, and I keep coming back to it.

Clicky for Ivan E. Coyote’s website

Mo’s for ‘Mos

Mustaches! As practice on my tablet and for a little project of mine. My favourite part has been coming up with names for the different styles…

I Heart Rufus

The day after I finished this comic I went onto Mr. Wainwright’s site only to find that his NZ tour has been cancelled! Alas! But at least it gives me some more time to grow some Rufus-worthy facial hair.

Will Power and Man Power

My brothers quite often have family competitions about how manly they are – these competitions involve dress sense, sprinting, sociability, and culminated in a “Man-Decathlon” last summer.

One of the more recent conversations regarding this topic was prominence of facial hair – density and colouring seemed vital aspects.The Orchard boys are quite renowned for being less than hirsute.

A few days later one brother commented on that hair on my chin and remarked that I’ll “get there” with my own facial hair. He only has an inkling that I’m trans, and meant it as a joke, but I smiled and thought,”yes, I am well on my way to competing with them…”.

My facial hair is certainly darker than his blonde stubble.

Sibling rivalry at it’s finest.

Let me begin…

I wrote this one a few months back for the Agender magazine. Agender is a national transgender support organisation in New Zealand.