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Goodbye Dunedin, Hello Auckland

I left for Auckland yesterday afternoon and am now waking up as an ‘Aucklander’. Exciting.

Also Scary.

Also. I’m doing a fundraising drive



This has felt like a conversation I’ve been having with myself for a while now. I had heard about the Drink and Draw Like a Lady evenings in Portland and thought “woah, that’d be awesome! If I were there I’d totally go!”, and then did a double take. Nope, I wouldn’t go. Sad.

As I let more and more people know about where I’m at, and start to ask them to use Sam and male pronouns, I become more aware of the things that I have to give up. It’s not a regretful kind of thing, just a noticing of loss.

So, yes, apologies to: Erika MoenDylan MeconisCristy C. RoadLucy Knisley, Danielle Corsetto, and Kris Dresen.

Letting Go

My great-grandma and I share the same given name. We also share the fact that both of us stopped using our given names. I really loved her, she was a rascally, radical woman, a devious liar, a wonderful storyteller, and a chocolate fanatic. I want to do a series of comics on her life, celebrating who she was, and her connection to me. It feels important as I go on this path of becoming that I say goodbye – and celebrating my great-grandma seems like a great way of saying “thanks for the name, I really appreciated it, but now I’m going to let it go.”