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To make up for my late-late comic this week here’s another one of wolverine, more hairy this time 🙂


Mustache or Moustache…?

I’ve been watching lots of transman vlogs on Youtube lately, it’s really interesting what testosterone-induced changes people are excited about – or not excited about. Voice breaking, facial hair, body hair, muscles, flatter chest, etc. etc.

And, yep, facial hair is definitely what I’m most keen for.

Shoot ’em up!

So, Joe had his first T-shot a week or so ago…

Doodle… hehehe, doodle…etc.

Just a little something from my sketchbook.

Unexpected benefits of transitioning

Part of me feels pretty scared of transitiong; knowing I have to tell important people before I start, wondering how testosterone will effect me, fretting that I’ll never actually save up for top surgery (and freak out about the pain of it if I do)…

But I heard this tale from a fellow transman and was so delighted I wanted to put it up in comic form.

First one…

This is an experiment, an idea, a challenge to myself, and hopefully an enjoyable read.

It’s an exploration of myself; as an artist, a pakeha, a transguy, an Australian-born Kiwi, and probably 10,342 other things (at least). Ready, set, go.